Success Stories

A Pharm.D. Applicant Gains Admission after Two False Starts

Before working with Expert Admissions, Justin applied to a wide range of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) programs twice before – but wasn’t able to gain admission anywhere. Justin was a stellar student in high school, graduating at the very top of his class, but his academic performance at Boston University was a bit rockier. There were several grades of “C” or lower on Justin’s transcript and his cumulative GPA suffered significantly as a result. Justin came to Expert Admissions after his sister worked with us on her college applications, and his parents said it was his last shot at applying; if it didn’t work out this time, he’d have to figure out an alternate plan.

Dr. Norman worked with Justin to enhance his academic profile and to create a strategy to make this round of applications successful. Dr. Norman and Justin spent time constructing a personal statement that gave a true sense of Justin’s background, his personality, and his commitment to pharmacy; they also worked on an additional statement that more specifically addressed Justin’s weaknesses in a smart, but direct way. Justin was very particular with the geographic area to which he was willing to relocate, so needless to say, we were thrilled when Justin received his acceptance to the University of Maryland, where he is pursuing his Pharm.D. degree.

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