I'm so excited!! It's official! I REALLY enjoyed working with you. It was a great experience. Let's do it again in a few years for graduate school! Of course, I'll update you in the meantime. Thank you, Bari.

– Bucknell University Student, Class of 2014

We found the entire college application process to be so enjoyable with Bari's counseling and support. Bari's assignments encouraged my daughter to do thorough research and have well-informed opinions on a number of colleges, and the periodic deadlines for various materials resulted in a very polished application.

In addition, the conversations between my daughter and Bari were thought-provoking and led to a considerable amount of soul-searching for my daughter. In the process, she found a few colleges that suited her own particular interests and mindset, and took on the application process enthusiastically. And although she was thrilled to be admitted to her first choice, with all the work done beforehand, she knew she would have been happy at her other two or three top choices as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Northwestern University (Medill) Parent, Class of 2014

I wanted to let you know how much [my daughter] enjoys her meetings with you. If I had sent this email over the weekend as I hoped to, I would've remembered her exact words. They were something like" I always feel so much better after I talk to Bari", "She reassures me and gets me excited about colleges", "I love the way she explains things......."

Your guidance and sage advice always makes her feel that despite the stress of junior year, everything will be "okay". You reassured her and when she came out of her last meeting with you she was a different person - relaxed, confident and excited about the college selection process. Thank you thank you!

– Eleventh Grade Parent

I also want to thank you again for helping me during these past few months. You were extremely helpful and made the process much less stressful. I could not have done it with out you! Please encourage all of your future students to e-mail/call me if they are interested in Penn - I am more than happy to answer any questions that they have!

Thank you again and happy holidays!

– University of Pennsylvania Student, Class of 2014

[My daughter] found the meeting to be extremely helpful and she and Bari have a follow-up plan.

All has exceeded expectations to date and I only wish we had plugged [my daughter] into this operation sooner...like a few years ago!

– Skidmore College Parent, Class of 2014
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